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Shared Education


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The Education Authority has been given responsibility for taking forward implementation of the Shared Education Signature Project.

Riverside School are now into their fourth year of their Shared Education Signature Project which involves joint learning and inclusion between :

  •  Riverside EArly Years Department
  • Steeple Nursery
  • St. Joseph's Nursery

Pupils benefit from so many opportunities through Shared edcuation in our unique, cross-community, cross-phase and cross -sector partnership. Such opportunities include playing with pupils from the other schools at each school venue, Media initiatives, an end of term outing to Streamvale farm and opportunites to attend fun events together throughout the year.

As well as joint learning and inclusion, the staff also get to share good practice as they continue their own professional development. Last year, staff from Riverside and St Joseph's Nursery attended a Teacher Professional Learning course entitled, ' Outdoor Play.' The knowledge and skills learned on this course were very useful and were brought back to be shared with the shared edcuation partnership through seasonal walks. This year, staff will also join together to take part in three twilights. A Joint professional Development cluster has formed a new and exciting Music and Movement Programme and hopes to share this at one of the twilights.

 A Media initiaitves programme continues to be rolled out at Shared ed play sessions and has been embedded into Riverside's School curriculum. 

The project continues with it's parent work that is currently supported by Miss Elaine Agnew. our parent work aims to help parents with their own  personal skills and children's learning including; drop in for a chat and coffee sessions, well-being training, positive behaviour practices and much more. 

All parents will be linked to See Saw this year a way of keeping up to date via Digital Communication.


SESP co-ordinator: Miss Cathy Gaston (Riverside)

Parent Support Worker: Miss Elaine Agnew (St Joseph's Nursery)

School Principals:

Riverside - Mrs Olivia Lavery (acting)

Steeple Nursery - Mrs Zelda Scarlett

St. Joseph's Nursery - Mrs Anne Maguire


End of Year Celebration Video

June 2017