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School Uniform


Girls                                            Boys


White polo shirt                                            White polo shirt

Royal blue sweatshirt                                   Royal blue sweatshirt

Grey skirt                                                       Grey trousers

Black jog pants                                              Black jog pants

White socks                                                   Grey socks

Black shoes                                                   Black shoes


P.E.                                                                 P.E.


White T - Shirt                                              White T – Shirt

Blue shorts                                                    Blue shorts

 P. E. footwear                                               P. E. footwear


School sweatshirts are available from Wallace’s, High Street, Antrim.

Polo shirts are available from Wallace’s and other shops.

Your child will be required to wear a school uniform when representing the school at any event. We recognize that wearing a uniform can be difficult for some of our pupils. Our priority is that our pupils are comfortable in school. If you have any questions about school uniforms please contact our Parent Worker, Audrey at the school office.

When necessary, advice should be sought from the Physiotherapist about provision of appropriate footwear for your child.