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Our Junior School Vision

In Junior School, we are the heart of the school, having fun in our learning environment with enthusiastic staff. We provide space for our pupils to be creative, unique and nurturing in a safe space. We provide opportunities for their pupil voice to be heard. We as a department know our pupils as individuals, celebrating each child with a child centred approach, a passion to help them grow to become confident, independent, and caring individuals.

‘We are the building blocks to their future’

Who we are as a department

Our Junior School is our key stage one and two pupils where our focus is develop their thinking skills and personal capabilities to prepare them for the transition into our senior school.  We use the Northern Ireland curriculum as a foundation to the teaching and learning in the classrooms.  We encourage learning in many different methods including structured play and activity-based learning where we explore many aspects of the curriculum through fun and engaging activities.  Our learning activities are pupil focused and giving them their pupil voice to decide on their learning journey. 

In our junior department we focus on curriculum alongside ensuring that our learners have opportunity to develop emotional, social and independence skills.  We meet regularly for our junior school council which gives opportunities for our pupils voices to be heard when planning junior school events in school.  We have several roles in our council including welcome greeters and assembly helpers. 

In our junior classrooms, we use a structured approach supported by visuals to encourage independence.  Many of pupils have class jobs which are completed daily.  We offer swimming on a termly basis along with educational outings, Special Olympics and Rebound.