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V.I.B.E. (post 16)


Mission Statement 

To provide Post 16 pupils with a vocational and bespoke learning programme that meets their needs and aspirations. We want to provide a stepping stone for them that fosters a safe place for our pupils to engage and contribute to the prosperity of their local community.

Curriculum Aims

We aim to provide a curriculum that will effectively deliver programmes to support both academic and holistic growth for each one of our pupils.

We recognise the importance of our pupil's contribution to our local community and so we strive to support the vision of Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council;

'A prosperous place. Inspired by our people. Driven by ambition.'

A key aspect of our curriculum is to provide practical and active learning experiences both within and beyond the classroom. When developing our curriculum in Post-16, we focus on Intent, Implementation and Impact.