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Management of the School
The Board of Governors delegates the daily running of the school to the Principal. The Principal is supported by the Vice-Principal in the overall management of the school.
It is the Principal’s responsibility to keep the Governors informed of all matters.

Function of the Board of Governors
Under articles 46 and 153 of the Education Order the Board of Governors shall manage and control the school for which it is appointed in accordance with the Education Authority Scheme of Management for Controlled Schools.


From September 2023 the membership of the Board of Governors consists of representatives from the following:

Chair Person

Mrs. Barbara Black

Department of Education

Mr. Seamus Casey   

Mrs Lesley Kirkpatrick


Mrs Cora Regan (child protection)
Ms Leah Smyth


Education Authority

Norrie Ramsey

Mr Sean Crookes 


Teaching Staff

Miss Caitlin McCann

The term of office of voting and co-opted members shall coincide with that of the members of the Education Authority.